Full Service Facebook Campaign Setup

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If you want to manage your ad campaign yourself, but want to make sure that it's set up perfect this is the right option for you. This is the 'set it and forget it' option.

What Will You Get?

  • We'll setup a campaign for you in Facebook. This will be a targeted campaign to your perfect audience.
  • We'll create 3 new ad campaigns from scratch. Including images and copy.
  • We'll create 3 new audiences based on a in-depth analysis of your business and customers.

Basically we will set everything up for you, so all you have to do is turn your ads from ‘Paused’ to ‘Live’.

We will complete this for you in 5 business days.

Don’t worry about understanding what you're looking at, we will make it very clear. Please not that once you kick the ads live our job is done. Until that point we will work with you to ensure that everything is setup properly.

Also, every ad has a shelf live and you will need to reload new ads in the future. Most customers clone the campaign we’ve made each month, buy fresh ads from us and load them up, then come back to us for an audit on a quarterly basis to optimize their targeting and so on.