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We'll pick 10 perfect influencers for you to use!

In today's world of fake influencers there are huge risks of getting scammed by influencers who are buying likes or in a fake engagement pod. In this offer we will handpick legitimate influencers that are perfect to promote your company no matter if it's a fashion blog or consumer packaged good. We have worked with thousands of brands and influencers and know exactly what to look for and who to use. 

Here are some of the main things we check before suggesting any influencer:

  1. Are they buying likes? This is one of the easiest things to spot, but it takes time. One needs to watch likes roll in on a few posts and see if the liking profiles are real. A tedious job, but very very worth it.
  2. We look at the last 30 posts and see if they all have the same like counts. This is a huge tell for influencers that are buying likes. Not all post perform equally and they shouldn't. 
  3. Buying fake likes costs money and if someone is paying for likes then need to post a lot of ads to successfully arbitrage the revenue per post/like cost arbitrage. So if they are posting ads all the time, they are probably buying likes.
  4. If we can't figure out the influencer's validity we'll call previous brands that they've worked with to see how their traffic was. This is a time consuming process, but worthwhile every time.
  5. Look deep in their feed to see if their like counts skyrocketed out of nowhere. Sounds easy, but you really need to know what to look for. It's not as simple as 150 likes on one photo and 12,500 likes on the next.
  6. Are all the comments the same. The is a tell tale sign of being in an engagement pod. Which is a fake engagement group.
  7. Are they following over 2,000 people? This doesn't prove anything on its own, but it does show that they are open to breaking the platform's T&Cs. Which makes them suspect.
  8. We look at their followers to see if they are fake profiles with no profile pics, private, and have spammy usernames.
  9. Taking a deep dive into who they are following can be very beneficial too. No real influencer is going to want to be associated with a follower-buying service.

You can check this stuff yourself, but you still may learn the hard way like we did. Not only do we know how to vet influencers, but we've got a list of over 1,000 direct relationships with influencer that we've used, trust and can recommend. 

Software verification services can cost more than $1,000 per month and require a annual contract. At only $59 this is an amazing value and great way to get top quality influencers without spending any time doing it!

This offer is delivered in 24 hours.