15 Second Vertical Video Slide Show Ad

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For this offer we will create a killer veritcal video ad (typically for instagram & Snapchat) customized for your business with our unique direct response tactics that will peak your soon-to-be customer's attention & compel them to act.

Our in-house team of very experienced and highly motivated copywriters, videographers and media buyers all work together to create great ads that represent the brand well and have customers saying: “That’s interesting, tell me more!”

Have you ever used a video ad successfully? If not, we highly recommend this option. These vertical video slide show ads have proven over and over to be the most effective way to capture potential and existing customer's attention for 15 full seconds. And if they do watch, you can track it and remarket to them!

Video is the best way to convey your brand identity. It gives you a chance to tell people a story they will remember and come back to your company for.

Brand Lift, Value Per Visitor, & LTV are more closely tied to effective videos than any other medium.

The turn around time is 5 days on this offer.