5 Changes To Improve Website Conversions

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A Great Ad Is Only Half The Battle! You Need To Optimize Your Website To Get The Most Out Of Each Visitor.

The landing page of your website needs to get people to convert visitors to your goals. Webinar sign ups, email capture, purchase a product, etc. If you aren't converting at the rate that you would like this option is for you. Hire us to review your website and give you 5 change recommendations to improve your website's conversion rate.

What We Look For:

  • What is above the fold? When a visitor lands on your website what is the first thing they see? This is the most important part of your website and we'll tell you if it needs to change or be tweaked.
  • Is there a proper Call To Action? We'll tell you where to add CTAs, what they need to look like and say. A CTA tells visitors what to do on the page and is paramount to a website's performance.
  • Copywriting issues. Most of the websites that we review have run-on sentences and misspelled words. Shocking, but true. We'll review everything to make sure your spelled correctly, not repeating yourself and suggest some changes.
  • Is your offer compelling? You might have the most incredible business or service, but if it's not presented in a compelling way, no one will buy it! We're going to suggest some changes that will improve the attractiveness of your offer. 
  • How is the user experience? If there are too many pop ups or the page isn't loading fast or formatted right you will lose your credibility and your sale. We'll make sure that doesn't happen.

Once completed, all our suggestions will be sent in a PDF Document which you can then review and apply.

The full report will be provided in 3 business days.