Choose Winning Keywords For A Google Campaign

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Not sure what Keywords to use in Google Ads? Hire us to choose for you.

We have been running Google adwords for hundreds of companies at high scale for years. At this point, there is no company that could come in front of us that would surprise us or throw us off.

Our company has a system in place for brainstorming and hand crafting excellent lists of keywords. This is not an automated process. We actually sit down with a blank page, think, and write words that are likely to be searched. Once we have a large list we choose the best words by cross referencing their activity in Google search.

There is also an option to add Negative Search terms to your order. This will exclude certain words from your campaign so you don’t waste money on terms that don’t convert. This is the quickest way to get the most out of your ad spend.

For an additional fee, we can structure words and phrases into Broad Match, Modified Broad Match, Phrase Match, and Exact Match. If you are not sure what these terms mean then the best thing for you to do is buy our Full Service Google Ad Campaign Setup option.

Typical keyword lists will range from 20-75 keywords.

This list will be provided in 3 business days.